I'm Ricardo Moran and I write B2B and B2C copy to attract your ideal male customer. 

As a lifelong consumer of workout equipment, gym memberships, skin care products, and all things guy-related, I know that having a great product or service is not enough. 

You need to tell your story in the easiest way possible.

Guys don't want to scroll through endless product details.

They want to know how you will make them



and more successful.

So how do you do this?


You need professional copy that sets your business apart from your competition.

Copy that engages your brand voice, is SEO-optimized,

and sells the benefits of your products,

while telling your story of how you help men be a better version of themselves.

So, do guys even know you exist?
How's your website? 
Are you getting hit on?
Looking for the right words to make guys fall for you? 

You've got a business to run...

supervising staff...


program development...

product and service roll outs...

Writing copy is not easy.  The words don't always stick. And then there's that pesky SEO to consider.

Leave the heavy lifting, word sweats, and endless hours of edits to me. 

I'll create compelling copy that highlights your products and services so you can focus on your business.

 are guys not checking you out?

I CAN Help.

We are delighted to express our utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the outstanding content writing services provided by Ricardo Moran. His contributions have greatly enriched our organization's websites, marketing materials, and Request for Proposals (RFPs). His ability to understand our organization's vision, target audience, and industry requirements was truly commendable. Whether it was writing captivating website copy that resonated with our audience, creating persuasive marketing materials that effectively communicated our value propositions, or developing compelling RFP responses, Ricardo consistently demonstrated expertise and dedication...             

   Alan Fassonaki-Chief Operating Officer, Cedar Financial



Is your website working?

Does it get a guy to stop scrolling?

Does it offer the answer to his problem?

Without good website copy, guys are less likely to know who you are.  

And if they find you, 

will you lose them because your copy is:



or boring?

I know what guys are looking for.

I will write copy that tells why your product is way better than your competitors, making it the ideal solution for your customers' problem!